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At Clevgo Driver, we firmly believe that truck drivers should never bear the cost of our services. We are committed to providing support and solutions that empower our drivers without financial burden.


Join our platform to access a wealth of verified jobs and drive your career forward with confidence.

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Why Clevgo Driver?

  • Industry focus

    By tailoring our platform exclusively to this industry, we're able to deliver highly relevant job listings and opportunities that match the unique skills and qualifications of truck drivers. 

  • Verified Jobs

    Verified truck driving jobs are those that have undergone a meticulous screening process, assuring job seekers of their authenticity and alignment with industry standards.


    Clevgo Driver Platform allows you to use over 40+ different filters and any possible combination of them to help find the most relevant jobs for you.

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    European Coverage

    Consider a wide range of roles and locations, enhancing their chances of finding the perfect fit for their skills and aspirations


Enter the world of the fastest-growing community of trucking professionals

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Clevgo Driver Community

Our vibrant community provides an invaluable platform for drivers like you to connect, share experiences, and access a wealth of resourceful information.

  • Valuable insights

    • Clevgo Driver's Guide
    • updates about regulations
    • recommendations
  • Camaraderie

    • forums
    • q/a sessions
    • podcasts
  • Bonus partner deals

    • highway restaurants
    • secured parking places
    • driving schools
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